The Multi-Channeled Smart Meter

Knowatts can provide to-the-minute Energy Reports through Alexa.

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Knowatts – this multi-channel smart meter is next generation excellence that delivers data that will lead to smarter energy consumption.

Our innovative energy saving solution is the product of over a decade’s work and puts you in control. Continual advancement and innovation combine to create a complete understanding of energy consumption on residential, commercial and industrial levels by recording the usage of individual appliances.

Intuitive data presentation and analysis

Data is presented in real time, using graphs (and voice via Amazon Echo and Dot) that everyone and anyone can understand, thanks to our intuitive control panel and ‘Comparison’ feature. Knowatts provides you with detailed information on exactly what is using energy, and when, recording high accuracy readings more frequently.

The data & advice is accessible through smartphones, web browsers, and integrates with Amazon Echo and Dot.

Knowatts ‘learns’ over time, analysing your energy use and offering tailored advice based upon the multi-channel energy profiles.

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Current Smart Meters only record your total energy usage and cost for the day. How can you reduce your consumption if you don’t know what is consuming energy?

Knowatts puts you in control: providing you with detailed information on what is using energy, and when its using energy. Now you can truly know when you’re using energy.


    • Knowatts is a multi-channeled smart meter, meaning it can record the usage of individual appliances.
    • Readings are taken every few minutes, ensuring that you not only know what is using energy, but when.
    • For example, you might find out that the kitchen lights are being left on at night!

      Graphical Information

    • Data is accessible through a smart-phone, a web browser, or an in-house display.
    • Information is shown in graphs, with an intuitive control panel that lets you see your data however you like.
    • The ‘Comparison’ feature allows you to easily identify how much usage has changed over time.


    • Recieve customised advice, unique to your energy profile.
    • Knowatts will analyse your energy use and determine what improvements can be made.
    • It only gets better as time goes on: Knowatts will continue to ‘learn’ how you consume energy.


The Big Six and The Smart Meter Debacle

The Big Six have been coming under increasing pressure in recent years as to the continuing and confusing practice of estimates, rather than accuracy; despite this, a far more serious matter has been the issue of energy costs which is, of course, linked directly to our energy consumption (and how smartly we use the electricity within our homes).

Despite reforms in the industry (such as the Government making it easier, simpler and more transparent a process to switch) it appears that, when it comes to the emerging technology that is the Smart Meter, the Big Six continue to mislead.

“You’ll also get a digital display in your home. This shows how much energy you use and what it costs”.

– UK Government

The crux of the matter is this: the Big Six smart meter rollout is going to fail consumers, badly.
The usage graphs on these Smart Meters will not identify high usage items – users will need to switch items off one-by-one to weigh up which is draining energy.

Now, in a worldwide bid to drive down CO2 emissions, and domestic efforts for consumers to face lower bills, through lower energy consumption we must ask:

Just how Smart, are these Smart Meters?

Download Our Smart Metering Vision (PowerPoint 35.3 MB)


Knowatts: The next generation of Multi-Channel Smart Meter

Today, our efforts focus upon the next generation of Smart Meter; we continue to look to the future just as we always have with one eye on innovation, and the other on the ways in which the most simplistic notion of energy saving can become mainstream – accurately, exactly and robustly.

We’ve called this next gen Smart Meter knowatts, and unlike its Big Six Smart Meter counterparts – it will actually deliver data that will lead to smarter energy consumption decisions.

Intuitive Data Presentation

Engaging customers with their energy data is key to making real savings. That’s why we’ve developed a companion app and website for knowatts that presents advice to our customers in a meaningful and understandable way.

We’ve recently added integration with Amazon’s Echo devices and are constantly innovating the ways we can keep people informed of just how much they’re spending.

An Illuminating Case Study

We know that the effectiveness of Smart Meter systems are nothing without tangible proof, which is why we’ve meticulously been studying, testing and analysing the impact of one such system installed in a Wine Bar local to our HQ – Graze, in Cirencester.

And the result? An unprecedented saving of 26.5% in energy – achieved by Graze simply understanding where power is used and how much energy is consumed – a matter of a flick of a switch on high usage equipment.
It’s a straightforward concept, made possible by seriously smart technology. All achieved without any initial outlay, at all.

Looking to the future they realistically plan to bump their savings up to 50% by switching to low energy equipment.