Meet the Team

Simon Clegg – CEO

An accomplished Hardware Engineer with over 40 years’ experience. Started with British Telecom and was the apprentice of the year twice. Has a BSC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering for Portsmouth Polytechnic. Previously worked on inertia navigation for the Jaguar aircraft also on radar, Blindfire and DN181 missile systems with Marcony’s. Simon was one of the first government approved micropressor consultants in the 1980’s. Worked on diverse systems such as fruit machines, gold weighing systems for the royal mint, Police tracking systems and Aircraft power metering for the British airport authorities. Always looking for new and revolutionary technologies to develop solutions.


Madison Gallagher – Project Manager

Actively engaged in product design, development and implementation for each project. Madison specialises in ergonomic design & systems analysis. Working closely with engineers to develop final project and prototypes for both the PA and Energy monitoring industries. Installing and testing prototype solutions at the request of development engineers. Performing innovative tasks in short timescales and under pressure. Madison was chosen as the project leader / coordinator & user interface for both major projects.


Yuichi Currie – Software Engineer

A software engineer with a diverse skillset, Yuichi has been behind the development of much of the software behind Microwatt: from microcontrollers and bluetooth communications, to mobile app front-ends and audio interfaces.


Steve Smith – Network Specialist

Having received an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Portsmouth, and spending several years as an AutoCAD designer which necessitated a rapid progression into IT support, it became clearly evident that Information Technology was Steve’s forte and passion. This has enabled him to progress his career from the grass roots DOS based peer to peer networking to the current Virtual Server environment.


John Henry – Financial Advisor

Professional financial consultant and chartered accountant with over seven years’ experience in the field.
Highly skilled in conducting in-depth view of clients’ financial circumstances and future aims with hands on experience in designing and implementing individually placed financial strategies


Karl Bruton – Stores and Workshop

Having worked for Microwatt for seven years, Karl is a valuable asset to the team. With a proficiency in operating heavy machinery, Karl is responsible for maintaining the stores and workshop.