About Us

Some of the world’s most successful organisations rely on our products and expertise

Headquartered in England with customers on every continent, Microwatt is at the core of some of the world’s most prominent companies – with our equipment being used in many exciting venues, including airports of all sizes.

We have developed solutions that are installed in mission critical sites such as MoD bases, and in fire and rescue command and control. Our Chronograph system controls Toyota’s production line. We have developed systems that ensure the smooth running of events like Gatwick’s Fastlane opening and Relish Catering at festivals. We’ve also been involved with universities and housing associations.
Since the 1970s, Simon (our CEO) has been in the industry of electronics engineering, building on his lengthy resume. Creating and innovating products from designing fruit machines to mobile radars that were taken up by the British Army and Navy.

Microwatt’s long history has a varied repertoir of innovative products that have been designed and engineered to the highest of standards.