Smart Adaptor

The simple solution for monitoring energy usage in your home


The Smart Adaptor is the household solution to understanding your energy use!

The Smart Adaptor sends power readings on a minute interval to a central hub, letting you understand what is consuming energy, and when!


Accurate readings of your household appliance energy usage, updated every minute


Easy Installation

Simply plug in your appliances to the smart-adaptor and install the hub and you’re ready to go!

Single and Dual Socket options makes installation easy.

No cables or radio needed to communicate with the hub: comms are done over the mains power line.


Data is sent every minute, ensuring you get the full picture of when energy is used.

The smart-adaptor is calibrated to a high accuracy (<1%).

Real Power is recorded. With temperature compensation, you can rely on the readings.

Domestic Application

RFID used to identify appliances: freely plug in appliances into any smart-adaptor.

Simple installation that can be done by the homeowner.

Readings are presented in an easy to understand way.


Smart-Adaptor provides a simple and effective way to determine what is using energy, and when!


    • Measures the power consumption, frequency and voltage of any individual appliance.

    • High Accuracy (<1%) and temperature compensation ensures readings are accurate.

    • Power and communication through the mains line: no need for cables or radios.


    • RFID Tags can be attached to every plug, ensuring 100% coverage.

    • Each individual appliance can be identified, allowing the recording of power consumption of each individual unit.

    • Allows appliances like vacuums to be used anywhere, while knowing your readings remain correct.

      Central Hub

    • Readings from the Smart-Adaptors is sent to the Central Hub via the the mains line.

    • Data is collated and presented in easy to understand graphs.

    • Households can view the data and see what devices are using power, and when.


RFID Technology

RFID is the perfect technology for 100% monitoring

RFID is a technology often used in identifying and tracking objects.

RFID tags are cheap and small devices that can be easily attached to the plug of every household appliance.

Each Smart Adaptor also contains an RFID reader. By associating the RFID tag with the appliance, we can easily detect when an appliance is plugged into the Smart Adaptor.



We believe that full data is required to make an informed decision on how to manage our energy usage.

>The Smart Adaptor is a highly accurate device(<1%) that will record the real power for each appliance, with temperature compensation.

The device also measures power factor, apparent power, frequency and voltage.