Message Home

A simple way to communicate with loved ones at home


A vital line between the vulnerable and their loved ones

Caring for a loved one who’s elderly or otherwise vulnerable is a challenge – and as the population ages and dementia sufferers grow in number this is only ever becoming a discussion that’s increasingly under the spotlight.

Yet the solutions for these individuals – and their family members, seem to be few and far between.

Simon – CEO of Microwatt, understands the many challenges of this situation first hand as he cared for his mother whilst she still lived in her own home, and , following her moving into his property, continues to care for her – and for many of the issues he faced he created Message Home.


Message Home is the innovative answer to aiding communication between elderly or vulnerable family members, and their loved ones.


Spoken Messages

Messages can be spoken aloud by the system as Message Home features impressive voice synthesis technology. This is ideal for texts that arrive where the recipient is blind or partially sighted. It’s also helpful for medication reminders.

Medication Alerts

Medication alerts can be set at certain times for customised reminders (e.g. “Take your blue pills now”). Once taken the user presses the acknowledgment button to erase the message.


The temperature feature ensures that the home environment is constantly monitored – overcoming the potential for a heating system failure to lead to the chance of hypothermia. It’s also helpful for measuring general comfort levels.

Time Display

When not displaying textual messages the digital display will show the time – this feature can be set to display the words in English, as well as in traditional format (e.g. “10:30”).

Power Consumption

Message Home uses low-power Bluetooth technology to measure and meter the power consumption within the household – ultimately allowing insight into how much activity is taking place in the home (e.g. such as the kettle being used).


The internet powered camera feature allows the user (e.g. Mum) to view the operator (e.g. Son) via the internet. Keep the personal touch in your conversation and stay in contact.

Acknowledge Button

The acknowledge button (which is the large red button on top of the device) is used for various functions, central to which is the warning message feature that loved ones can use to text in a message from wherever they are (.e.g. “Are you OK mum?” or “Please call Rob”.) In this instance once the button is pressed the sender of the message is notified and everyone has peace of mind.


Maintaining a level of independence and staying within one’s home is often the first choice for both an elderly person, as well as their family. Yet the reality of this can present a plethora of imposing practical problems.

For those who stay in their own homes Message Home overcomes lost phones, the worry about phones left unanswered, drops in temperature within the home and forgotten meds.

Equally, for those who move in with others, Message Home can allay confusion as to where other family members are, whilst also providing the reassurance through the product’s camera and text for acknowledgement feature


Message Home is the innovative answer to aiding communication between elderly or vulnerable family members, and their loved ones.

Harnessing the intuitive technology that is Raspberry PI, alongside a digital display, simple acknowledgement button, camera and speech function – Message Home provides a lifeline for the elderly and vulnerable, and complete peace of mind for their friends, family and loved ones.