The latest evolution in storage is here!


The contemporary kitchen is no longer a place for clutter.

Everything but the essentials are today packed away within what can be tens of deep cupboards – within which herbs and spices hide, presenting a real problem for the home chef with a passion for cooking.

Keeping on-top of the levels of each is nigh-on impossible – and knowing whether they are date, even more so.


Finally, an answer to the many problems that being a passionate cook with a collection of herbs and spices presents.


Networking Intelligent Storage

Our rotary shelves sit neatly within the cupboard, silently tracking which shelf products are being stored, and used. Teamed with our intuitive Smartphone app you need only say ‘Turmeric’, touch herbs and the shelves will rotate – quickly and quietly. The selected spice or herb is then illuminated in LED lighting to show you the section within which it sits.

To return the item, offer the herb or spice to the scanner and the shelf will rotate to present the nearest space.


Automatically ordered items

That Friday night legendary Chicken Chasseur will never again go without its essential Rosemary or Thyme– with one tap upon your Smartphone any empty spaces are soon going to be filled by a delivery direct to your door, from a supplier you’ve pre-chosen, along with your latest grocery order. Simply select ‘Empty’, or ‘Low’ as you place the item back into the eLarder.