Case Studies

Westminster Abbey & St. Georges Chapel

Implementing an Audio System with Selectable Microphones

On behalf of Whitham of Winchester


Whitwam of Winchester are a specialist AV company. Whitwam offers permanent architectural and commercial audio visual installations. Traditionally, Whitwam has been the chosen supplier within historic and unusual environments such as Windsor Castle and Westminster Abbey. However, they have also worked in many modern buildings and institutions. Just take a look at their Client list. It Includes; Nexen, Royal Mail, Durham Cathedral, he Royal Society, St. George’s Chapel, Windsor
Although they have literally decades of experience in this field, they offer the very latest technology and creative ideas, with an enormous store of specialised knowledge and practicality.


To design and supply a microphone switching system that can utilize the existing wiring (limited conductors) in both Westminster Abbey (where Kate & William were married) & St. George’s Chapel (Windsor Castle). These now have microphone switching systems (we were subcontracted to Whitwam). Our system was chosen by Whitwam because it digitally selects microphones, so minimising cabling requirements. Ideal for listed buildings where cabling is difficult.

Kate & William’s wedding April 29th 2011 – if you look carefully at the pulpit on the left you can just see a microphone on the lecturn


Each microphone position is fitted with an intelligent (microprocessor based) unit. These Microphone units are polled over RS485 (half duples – 2 wires) by the central controller. The central controller polls the outstations at a high speed and sets LEDs on/off and checks buttons for operation. Each microphone position has a button & two leds in addition to the microphone. The LEDs indicate 1) Mic On, 2) level high. The button is used by the operator to turn on the microphone input.
So the operator (bishop or laity) can turn on & off the microphone & can check their sound level.