Case Studies


Developing a multi-channelled Smart Meter

to reduce energy consumption


Utilitywise are a utility management company based in the UK.


Utilitywise were looking for a Smart Meter that could monitor distribution boards at a circuit level. The intention was to provide their customers a way to make informed decisions about energy use, using the information gained from the Smart Meter.


Microwatt were commissioned to design and prototype their multi-channelled Smart Meter (also known as Eddie 3).

The Eddie 3 was designed from the ground up to be an effective tool for energy management. Using three-phase power and 144 separate channels, accurate readings can be given for each individual circuit on a distribution board.

By taking readings by the minute, the Eddie 3 allows real-time energy observations to be made. Therefore, if a change is made, customers can immediately identify the impact.

Finally, by storing all the data on servers, UtilityWise and customers can observe historical data and gain a better understanding of the energy profile of the customer’s premises. By recording and comparing monthly data, customers can understand where they are saving energy, and where they could save more in the future.


Utilitywise reports that on average, the Eddie 3 has reduced by energy consumption by 27%.