Case Studies

Customer Led Network Revolution

Supplying Smart-Monitors

As Part of Low Carbon Networks


The Customer Led Network Revolution was a project funded by Ofgem to research and trial projects with the aim to kickstart the changes needed for a low carbon future in the UK. In 2014, the four-year project was completed, with valuable information and data obtained that would be key to overcoming the challenges that low carbon technologies face.

As one of the UK’s foremost energy suppliers, British Gas was a noticeable primary partner in the project. British Gas championed the customer recruitment and engagement activities for the Customer-Led Network Revolution.


Microwatt was chosen by EA Technology & British Gas to supply the multi channel monitors for the CLNR project.
The Polymeter range; Polymeter16 for domestic & 24 for 3 phase industrial measure true power including power factor, frequency, Amps & Wh.